WEEKLY PICKS: 25th February 2021


Written by JX Soo, Isaac Chiew, & Chester

Published on February 25, 2021

WEEKLY PICKS: 25th February 2021


Written by JX Soo, Isaac Chiew, & Chester

Published on February 25, 2021

Our top picks this week - a hilarious indie rock bop from deførmed, hazily viscous hip-hop from mary sue, and a nu-metal effort from Trust The Chaos!


“my crush should confess to me instead”


deførmed - single


A sensitive detour that melts down his ferocious, breakcore-tinged facade, deformed melts down to an oddball indie rock ode to his prospective takes on love. Possibly both metaphor to the unprofessional BPM of one’s heart racing, and rhythms conjuring the tension of your ass sphincter clenched tight, muscle strain, ten reactions and all, his deadpan vocal delivery rides a pulsating note to reveal some hilarious, yet sincere confessions. As he avoids the losing end, attached below is an excerpt from his thesis:

"I crush your head

my head is being crushed by this force!

Can of worms


in your nostril

It requires so much stress having a crush, and that’s why I want to steer clear of any romantic encounters. However my subconscious says otherwise - it kind of sucks that this instinctual urge is faster than this foreground process which is my logical thinking."

Ah, romantic yearning is eternal! All I can say? Observations spot on - now that I feel dead inside, alas, I even feel jealous. I too crave for those heart-racing days, those days where your crush’s face looks like it comes in the shape of a surreal lemon. The days where I screamed like him! What even are confessions now? For that, we can now redirect to his instant-classic Valentine’s anthem, and in a gesture of solidarity and reassurance, here are the Top 10 reasons why staying single is great…

1 - You’re totally in charge of your happiness.

2 - You may be more successful at work.

3 - You have a strong sense of self.

4 - You’re more likely to be (and stay) in shape.

5 - You’re able to avoid feeling lonely.

6 - You sleep more soundly.

7 - You can create your own routine.

8 - You’re more resilient.

9 - You have richer friendships.

10 - You stress less about money.

Honestly, having the courage to run around with a guitar and lipsync and collapse on grass in public is probably enough to win your crush over…but that's right, why date! So smart! Why date…

Listen to "my crush should confess to me instead" here:

Watch the music video here:

  • - by JX Soo


mary sue


to those foreign nights, i love you

mary sue - to those foreign nights, i love you


With a refreshingly organic approach to sample-driven hip-hop, Mary Sue’s latest visual EP to those foreign nights, I love you presents the producer/rapper’s darkest entry yet. Be it the viscous production on tracks like for hours and ornament, or the gorgeously sparse keys on been here before (which stylings can be easily traced to Fauxe’s hand in additional production), Sue’s production choices perfectly compliment his bars, delivered in an assured Earl Sweatshirt-esque drawl.

ornament, in particular, is a standout track. With its lyrics alone, Sue details an insomnia-stricken experience that morphs to overthinking. Digging up past regrets, his delivery carries an uncomfortable and desperate energy, powerfully mimicking the struggle of failing to fall asleep (“sleepless in the night i couldn’t stop fidgeting/ nibble at the past could u hear the dissonance/ seeing thru the cracks couldnt make amends/ got my conscious shrivelling”). Accentuated by repetitive and deceptively simple beat work, its atmospheres conjure a sinking feeling.

But they aren’t the only things that Sue brings to the table. On been there before he flexes his singing chops - resulting in a surprisingly moving and intimate performance. Kanye West’s influence is apparent throughout, be it on ornament’s Bound 2-type beat, or his take on Runaway’s satisfyingly cathartic distorted autotune “solo” on seen this before. Thankfully, Sue manages to avoid the pitfalls of hero worship. With his own emotional vulnerability, husky production choices, and unique delivery, Sue’s sets his work well apart from his influences. As Sue brings you falling down insomnia’s rabbit hole with him, you’re not sure when this is ever going to end.

Experience to those foreign nights, i love you here:

  • - by Isaac Yackem

Trust The Chaos

*"World Gone Crazy (I’ve Got You)"*

World Gone Crazy (I’ve Got You)

Trust The Chaos - World Gone Crazy (I’ve Got You)


World Gone Crazy (I've Got You) is the latest single from nu-metal outfit and Noise Music Mentorship alumni Trust The Chaos. They seem to be trying out something new here - from their synth usage for the main refrain, to adding more sections to their established sound. Props to the guys for trying out something new in their music, but it seems to be lacking...a little something.

There are redeeming things about the song - noticeably the killer bass tone, which probably ranks amongst the best bass performances that TTC has had so far. But large parts of World Gone Crazy are sabotaged by the mix. Especially compared to their other tracks, the single's low end is truly lacking, sapping all the power the song holds. I can tell that they are trying to add in more layers and instruments into the song, but perhaps a focus on improving one aspect may have led them to overlook an important one.

It's not a problem that just plagues the bass either. Li En's vocals in the mix seem to mismatched as well - !or someone whose vocals is a nice searing tenor (fully displayed in the second pre-chorus) it is left by itself for relatively the entire song. Too forward in the mix, without harmonies in the choruses to support it, her voice stands out awkwardly, making for a strange listening experience. Even just a little more reverb might solidify it.

With their prior release being the Unravel EP in 2019, I think I expected something spectacular for this release. It has been quite awhile since Trust The Chaos released new music, after all. But with a few refinements to their new direction, their next few efforts might be more successful.

You can listen to "World Gone Crazy (I’ve Got You)” here:

  • - by Chester

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